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I have been working out with Dae for the over a year. When I started training with Dae, I was already fit, but he took me to a higher level of fitness. I look forward to my workouts because Dae makes working out fun.

Liz P.

Dae has pushed me to new heights that I didn’t think I could do with insight and consideration for what would get me going. He’s really good; well worth it. Thanks again Dae!

Amy B.

I’ve had some bad experiences with personal trainers, and when Dae approached me wearing his reflective, wraparound sunglasses and a big grin, I thought, “Who is this guy? Let me at him and he’s history.” He joked around, but was also quite serious during our consultation. I found that we had some things in common, so I gave him a chance. I wanted to get back into running and regain the muscle mass I had lost during a long-term illness. With his expertise and support, I accomplished both, in addition to developing a love of boxing. Good-bye to unresponsive, snooty trainers! You know when Dae is in the gym. He is always laughing and having fun with his clients during training.

Nancy W.

“I luv werkinout wif Day Kim. Hes 1 tuff couch! I alway fil reely tired, but I knou thet I im gettin stranger ech wek. I now wen my mucsles hert thet he got mi gud!!!

Richard L.


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