Chad S. from Walnut Creek

I met Dae while in Jr. College. Shortly after he began training me. Dae is very knowledgeable in both training and nutrition. He loves what he does and takes it very serious.

Not only did Dae help me reach my goals, he also gave me the tools and skills that I can take forward and continue to be successful. Making the change that I did was not only physically challenging, it was also mentally challenging. Dae kept me motivated, he reminded me of my goals and he kept me on track.

I am grateful for Dae. I would recommend Dae to anyone looking for the support and guidance to make a body transformation, get in shape or stay in shape. No matter what your fitness goals are, Dae will help you get there!

Chad S., Walnut Creek

Chad (Before)


Tired of your present level of fitness? No problem - Dae's here to help you!

If you are interested in any of his services, feel free to ask for details.

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