Greg K. from Walnut Creek

I have always had difficulty gaining weight. After training with Dae for six weeks, I have gained 10 lb and increased my overall strength. I can lift more than I could have ever imagined. Dae is very knowledgeable in body mechanics and knows how to maximize your capacity. He is a great trainer and a lot of fun to work with. Training with Dae makes me feel confident that I can reach ever higher goals!

After another six weeks of training with Dae, I have increased my weight from 150lb to 162lb through targeted workouts and following his nutrition advice. I weigh more than ever and I feel much stronger. It feels great to see the results of hard work in the gym.

Greg K.

Greg K. – 140 lbs.

6 Wks – 150 lbs.

12 Wks – 162 lbs.


Tired of your present level of fitness? No problem - Dae's here to help you!

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