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Get fit with Dae. Don’t wait. Lift your spirit now and
reach your goals with Dae’s reliable, professional help.

He coaches. He listens. He educates. He inspires.


A Personal Trainer with Personality

Looking for a great personal trainer in and around Diablo Valley? Dae is the perfect choice! He has a wide range of working styles, making it both easy and fun to get into shape. Choose a plan that works for you, from beginner’s plans, plans for the more experienced, plans for hardcore fitness enthusiasts, plans for the entire family. You name it, Dae’s got it.

Dae’s whole philosophy is that fitness can be fun, rewarding, relaxing and exciting.

Forma Gym

Fit people are not only healthier, but they have a greater quality of life. They eat less, have better self-discipline, are more social, plus they look and feel better.


Tired of your present level of fitness? No problem - Dae's here to help you!

If you are interested in any of his services, feel free to ask for details.

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